Ever wonder what these terms mean? Click the links below for information!
PRA/PRCD     (A)=Normal/Clear (B)=Carrier (C)=Affected ?
Vet checked
Microchiped   (I use Home Again microchips)
Wormed why do we worm puppies?
BAER hearing tested.
Purina Pro Plan chicken and rice puppy food.
NuVet Labs Immune System Builder
When choosing a breeder make sure they have tested their adult dogs and have an OFA number for you to check the results! If not, keep
looking. There is nothing worse then getting attached to a dog only to lose it due to poor breeding practises and lack of testing! A CHIC
number insures you that the dog has completed all testing required for that breed!  I am the first breeder on the west coast and one of the first
8 kennels in the nation to have their dogs chick numbers and all my dogs are fully tested!
Litter 38 Born  April 7th, 2018
CH. Timber Double Take & CH. 6pk's Seagrams Jamacan Me Happy
1 red male pup available 2000.00
CH. Timber Double Take & CH. Cobberdale's you Red my mind
AKA George & Bindy  Breeding planned
CH Streak & 6pk's DR Zieva NatBA IntBA RBISBBE X3
Litter 40 Born April 8, 2018
7 puppies available from this breeding!
1 Male 6 Females
Out Breeding This is a pet litter you have been asking for!
CH Timber Double Take & 6pk's Ginger ail splash
Due 4/30/18
Litter 37 Born March 28th, 2018
Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash
This litter was breed due to the outstanding temperaments  there are 2 males available from this cross
preference given to show homes!  $2000.00