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We Started 4 years ago providing OFA BAER hearing
tests for quality dog breeders to help fill the need for
testing and preventing the breeding of deaf dogs.  We
started a Mobile Service so breeders did not have to
expose puppies to long car rides and potential viruses
and infections just to get them tested.

We quickly discovered a need for other OFA services and
added on all that we could do to assist dog breeders in
breeding quality healthy dogs free of genetic problems.

Three years ago we had a demand to expand our
services from pet owners and provide affordable health
care to keep pets healthy, not just breeding dogs.  We
responded by happily adding additional clinics and
services to provide low cost vaccines, exams and
wellness testing for pets to keep them healthy and happy
for years to come.  Providing mobile low cost veterinary
service is our passionate cause to pet health care thus we
keep our prices low by maintaining outside employment

       Dr. Jennifer Choate graduated from Oregon State
University Veterinary College in 2002.  She is a licensed
veterinarian in both Oregon and Idaho and holds two
masters in addition to her veterinary degree.  She has a
husband and three dogs; 7up and BlueBerry, Australian
Cattle Dogs, and Prince, a Rottweiler, who have all been
active in AKC competitions.  

Kimberly Robinson has been a veterinary technician for
10 years.  She was awarded Technician of the year in
2010 by the OVMA.  She has been breeding Australian
Cattle Dogs since 1997.  She is dedicated to the health
and temperament of the breed. Her desire to ensure
quality dogs in her breeding program has led her to find
homes where they are part of the family and live long
healthy lives.  This desire continued to grow to include C.
A.R.E. Mobile OFA and Preventative Health Services.
You can learn more about her and her dogs at
Canine Auditory Response Evaluation
Now Providing Mobile BAER Testing & Preventive Veterinary Services