• The First step is to insert 3 needles through the
    skin.  A needle is positioned under each ear and
    on top of the head.
  • Electrodes are attached to the needles, that
    record nerve pulses and send them to the testing
  • And ear piece is put in
    the puppies ear, and
    plays various clicks
    and sounds.
  • The nerve responses
    are recorded and put
    into the computer,
    then printed similar to the results below.  



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Testing Procedure
Videos of BAER hearing test
Sample BAER test results
  • Puppy 1 has hearing in both ears
  • Puppy 2 has hearing in the right ear
  • Puppy 3 has hearing in the left ear
  • Puppy 4 is deaf in both ears
Canine Auditory Response Evaluation
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